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I keep talking about specialty coffee in most of the coffee posts I make, but what does this actually mean? In simple words, “specialty coffee” is the best quality coffee produced in the world. Being harvested in special geographic conditions not easy to access (really high on the mountains) origins coffee exist only due to the work and passion of people whose universe revolves around coffee.

The Speciality part starts in the producing coffee farms. La Divina Providencia is one of these farms, SLOANE team describing it as “the coffee temple”. The founder of the farm is Roberto. His coffee farm is not inherited, like most coffee farms are, and that isn’t because Roberto’s family didn’t have the means to provide him with land. He just wanted better soil, higher on the mountain, so he decided to go by himself and “conquer” some theritory. He actually bought some abandoned farms and put them together to form La Divina, up on the Vulcano Mountain St Ana in El Salvador. Due to his efforts and hard work, his farm grew and it became very popular in the world through the clean and healthy coffee they sell.

Roberto, La Divina Coffee

After visiting La Divina, SLOANE team declared :

Echipa Sloane despre ferma de cafea

What makes la Divina even more remarkable is the fact that they don’t only focus on harvesting coffee, but also on developing human relationships. By understanding the ones that work for him and paying attention all the time to their needs, Roberto is an excellent leader. The importance he gives to his people is later on reflected on the quality coffee they produce and also on the farm’s reputation. This is how their coffee won the 1st place in 2020’s Cup of Excellence.

Coffee farmer

The coffee that I offer to you is harvested in El Salvador, at the farm La Divina Providencia, and it was processed semi-washed Kombucha. This processing means that the coffee beans had the first pulp removed, then they were dried, and then the second membrane was removed as well. The Kombucha part refers in our case to the fermentation of the coffee, Kombucha usually being the black/green tea fermentation.

In a more “chemical” description, SLOANE team explains:

“The principle of action of this kombucha fermentation is that the yeast and bacterias work together to produce a more complex result. In general, in fermentation, the yeast transforms sugar in alcohol. The bacteria use this alcohol and transform it to acids. So, instead of risking to have an alcoholic coffee, we will end by having a coffee with high acidity or modified acidity.”

Coffee cherries

To conclude, the coffee that I will be using for my January giveaway is an experimental one, which means this one is rather rare, you cannot find it everywhere. I dare say that everything that SLOANE did with it, amazes me. From the packaging, that is WOW, to the taste, the coffee is definitely worth trying.

The coffee beans are medium roasted, and the smell after grinding is quite strong and nice. Helps a lot when it comes to waking up in the morning, especially if you are like me -you need coffee to make one coffee- kind of person. The main taste I felt while enjoying the first cup was sweet and sour. The notes of the coffee, as explained by SLOANE, are “Cherry, Liquorice, Pinot Noir, Pomegranate, Condense Milk”. I admit, I couldn’t feel them all, my taste is not that developed, but the sweet and sour, that yes, I felt.

Sloane, Coffee beans

I keep up with the last description I made, such as, this coffee is so good that you’d not want to drink or eat something after tasting it, cause you’ll want to keep the aroma in your mouth.

Hugs, Miruna

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