Dear reader,

A happy new year and all the best!

I decided to start 2021 on a positive note, now that we have all adapted to the new “normal” and here I am starting my blog with and about coffee. Finally, right? But I guess it’s better late than never.

In all this atypical and pandemic period, I’ve spent a lot of time reading about this coffee world, but the news wasn’t always the happiest. On one side I’ve seen big drops in the general coffee sales, but on the other side, I’ve seen a magical and powerful community, a community that adapted to the current conditions and continued its activity at its best. 2020 was definitely challenging, the coffee producers had lots of impediments. The main losses were caused by the restrictions imposed by the lockdowns, but also by the lower demand of the main buyers. That for sure happened because the normal traffic in the cafes dropped significantly.

Since I’ve remained a big coffee lover, I want to do more than telling stories about how unhappy this past year has been. As I am close to those selling coffee to the final consumer, I decided to help them out a bit. Initially, I wanted to buy all the coffee that roasteries produce, I must admit that this idea sparked my interest. But as I kept a bit of lucidity as well (or at least this is what I like to believe), I think it’s better to teach you to love the coffee even more than you love it now, so in the future, we can all buy it together. Are you ready?

That being said, I will be sharing my knowledge here on the blog, about all that this magical world of mine is, but I won’t do only this. I want to give, even more, something I cherish the most, specialty coffee. During this year, 2021, I will organize a monthly giveaway. I will buy coffee from 12 roasteries in Romania and I will give it away. I have contacted only people that promise quality and whose work proves this.

I hope so very much that the activity of my blog will have a positive impact on this “coffee world awareness” and I wish you will continue to read and share my posts. I promise quality information.

Hugs, Miruna

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